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YouTube short links

YouTube Link Shortener: A Convenient Tool for Content Creators

YouTube Link Shortener is a free tool provided by NAURL that helps you create concise, easy-to-share links from long YouTube URLs. While YouTube offers a short link service, it includes their branding. With our tool, you can manage your content better when sharing videos, channels, or affiliate products. Simply input any lengthy YouTube URL and generate a concise, straightforward shortened link that is effortless to distribute, all at no cost.

Smart Targeting

Enhance your customer reach by targeting them more effectively. Redirect your audience to relevant pages and use a pixel to retarget them in your social media ad campaigns, capturing their interest and driving engagement.


Understand your audience and track link performance with our detailed analytics. Get insights into country, city, language preferences, platform usage, browser types, and device specifics.

Link Management

Effortlessly manage, track, and share your short links with our complete platform: Tagging: Organize links efficiently using tags for easy categorization. click-through rates and engagement analytics.

What is a YouTube Link Shortener?

A YouTube link shortener is a tool that condenses lengthy, cumbersome URLs into brief, tidy links that are perfect for sharing on YouTube. Shortened links enhance user experience and improve the professional appearance of your content. Whether you are linking to external websites, affiliate products, or additional resources, these links make your information more accessible and visually appealing.

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YouTube short links
Purpose of Using Shortened Links on YouTube

There are numerous advantages to using shortened links for YouTube content:

  • Enhanced Visual Appeal: Shortened links make your video descriptions and comments look more organized and user-friendly.
  • Mobile Friendliness: Compact links are particularly useful for mobile users who may find long web addresses cumbersome.
  • Brand Image: Personalized short URLs can enhance your brand image, increasing recognition and credibility among your target audience.
YouTube short links
How to Shorten YouTube Links

Paste Your URL: Enter your lengthy URL into the long URL field.

  • Click Shorten: Generate the short YouTube link by clicking the Shorten button.
  • Share Your Short Link: Share your YouTube short link online for a more polished and professional appearance.
YouTube short links
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Optimize Your Marketing Strategy with YouTube Short Links

Using YouTube short links can significantly enhance your social media marketing efforts. These links make it easier for users to access your content, leading to higher engagement and click-through rates. With YouTube vast user base, short links can help you reach a broader audience quickly and efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

YouTube Link Shortener: Frequently Asked Questions

The benefits of using shortened links on YouTube include enhanced visual appeal, improved user experience, especially for mobile users, and the ability to track engagement and assess content effectiveness.

Shortened links improve the professional appearance of content by making information more accessible and visually appealing, which helps in presenting a cleaner and more organized look.

Compact links are especially useful for mobile users because long web addresses can be cumbersome and inconvenient to handle on mobile devices.

Yes, you can use our link shortener for free. It is designed to help you increase your online presence easily and for free. But free comes with feature limitations.

The purpose of using a YouTube Link Shortener by NAURL is to create concise, straightforward shortened links that are effortless to distribute, helping in better content management when sharing videos, channels, or affiliate products.

If your YouTube link is not working, make sure it is formatted correctly as https://,http:// and check for spelling errors. Verify that your account has the swipe up feature or use the YouTube link shortener to shorten the profile.